We love the way Nook architects have renovated this old apartment in the barrio Gótico, respecting the old tiles and the textures of the walls for the new layout. More about the project on Dezeen and DiarioDesign (in spanish). If you like this style, also check out this apartment.

We like good design made in Spain! And this one comes with a message! #PaísdePandereta is a spanish branded project by Aa studio that is looking for crowd funding via Verkami at the moment. We want one!

Interesting infographic by GowithOh (click for the full image), who collected the habits of Spanish and other European nationalities when booking apartments through them. More information about how the European traveler stays in apartment rentals via Hosteltur

Not every souvenir needs to be kitsch or trash. Designer Héctor Serrano together with young designers from Valencia proof this in VLC Souvenir

Above: Local Stamps by Noelia Muñoz. “Xè, valencianízate!”

See all the products of VLC Souvenir via DiarioDesign.

The Marquina family has just launched this Tribute to Rafael Marquina (1921-2013), the Catalan designer and architect responsible for the award-winning anti-drip oil recipient. Get inspired!

These are the kind of things we want you to be able to find at yök; made in Spain and with a history. The muñecos de futbolín are original table football figurines, upcycled into fridge magnets. Alegría Industries works with the Spanish industry to proof that “España mola muchísimo”, and we agree! 

PS: Other football clubs are also available ;)

We like these low tales by Ciclus, made in Barcelona! A great reuse for empty wine bottles.


Mesa de centro reutiliza garrafas de vinho.

via ecosavvyrebel

(via julinthesky)

#4 Let’s go slow and independent. Let’s support local businesses and link to all those in Barcelona who believe in making our city more human, eco-friendlier and (even more) fun!

We are thinking of businesses like Casa Mariol, Taxi Ecològic, Morrofi, Bar Centric, CamperHotel Alma, El Tinter and Patricia y Carlitos, and Espinaler to just name a few!

A simple idea! A Jar On the Wall by Aventurina (the House of Glass) in Can Fusteret.

We kind of understand these guys’ battle! Battling against international sanctions, global economic crisis and the challenges behind creating a hotel locally and sustainably in Iran, Ameriha House is a recipe for disaster. Or is it?

Watch the Embargoed Hotel in Iran via Crane.tv

In case we will be left with a boring wall, we would love to have a mural by the Barcelonian start-up The Wallery! Their unusual wallpaper is long-lasting (20 years), PVC-free and made from FSC-certified paper.  

We love renovations like this, that respect the history, the existing materials and even aims for a LEED certification. Barcelona’s Bar Cèntric Canalla opened in 1862 and has just been renovated by Pilar Líbano.

For the full story + photos visit diarioDESIGN.

Photo by Marian Martínez.

Check out Alemanys 5, a beautiful sixteenth century building in the center of Girona’s medieval quarter that has recently been converted into a very attractive rental option by architect Anna Noguera.

Its recent restoration integrates old and new, with sober, clean lines that celebrate essential elements such as space, light, shade, fire, stone, water and silence.

We like the way the old features have been brought to the forefront by clever details, making this a truly luxurious place to stay without it showing of. 

Certain places in Barcelona suffer from mass tourist. But Barcelona is also more than la Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas. So, the new plan is to divide tourists amongst more places in the city. One such place is Horta-Guinardó, also known as the “City of Water”. This lesser known area is uniquely green, and the Labyrinth, the modernist Hospital de Sant Pau and the stunning views from the Tres Turons are worth a visit!

Click here for  a video and a leaflet (both in Catalan).

More information via Barcelona Turisme/Horta-Guinardó