Upcycled floating kitchen at yök Casa + Cultura in Barcelona, Spain

The kitchens at yök Casa + Cultura are designed to look like a nice piece of furniture, because they are situated in the living room, as guests tend not to cook 5 course meals but rather prepare easy meals and breakfasts. The floating effect helps to make the original floors and ceilings from 1900 stand out. All kitchens are fully equipped with second hand crockery and glassware, recycling bins, organic products like olive oil, eco-friendly cleaning products from the taps of Goccia Verde and an honesty mini-bar with local food products.

© Carlos Barruz for yök

The cupboard doors are made from used pallets, and the countertop is ECO by Cosentino, manufactured from 75% of recycled materials such as mirror, glass, porcelain, earthenware and vitrified ash. LED stips iluminate the countertop, and a seperate line above and below the cupboards serve as the light source for the living room, illuminating the original mosaic floor and ceiling.

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The PVC free switches and plugs are made locally from porcelain by Fontini. All of the materials are chosen for their durability and low maintenance. The appliances are A+ certified to use as little energy as possible. More about how our guests save energy here.

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The kitchen faucet is by the same series as our bathroom's, L20 by Roca, equipped with aerators and Cold Start.

© Carlos Barruz for yök

We serve complimentary filtered tap water in reusable glass bottles from our office upstairs. Jute shopping bags help guests go shopping without plastic bags. Check out 10 ways to make your kitchen more green for more ideas!

Here’s a beautiful renovation of a classic Barcelona apartment from 1910 where the traditional elements have been respected by its designers Anna and Eugeni Bach. For more information visit diarioDESIGN.

Imagine a hotel that offers a culinary experience to guests by growing and cooking its food onsite in the city. This is the idea behind The Allotment by Dean Moran for the Tablet Rethink Hotels competition.

If you think about it, the Catalan Porrón is a very eco-friendly way to drink wine at big events- avoiding the need to wash glasses, or even plastic cups! It is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

For those of you who have never seen a porrón, imagine a glass watering can for wine. Or a bedpan with white wine, according to George Orwell ;)

Fridges are often ugly and consume a lot of energy… here is how you get rid of them! Save food from the refrigerador by Jihyun Ryou tells you how to store what food properly, while looking good!



Forget The Fridge: Using Chemistry and Nature to Store Food

Wood potato door? Yes please. 

Cool 100% recycled glass products, locally produced in Valencia by La Mediterránea. They could be put to good use in our hotel!

The Marquina oil/vinegar recipient that does not drip or stain, is another classic Catalan design we’d like to see at our hotel. By Rafael Marquina, 1961.

Local breakfast- a great way to start the day at any hotel

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A great way to reduce waste at the hotel breakfast table without sacrificing comfort: refillable glass containers as seen at Casa Camper in Berlin!

What if you got to use your own energy to make your espresso at the hotel? Would you be up for a little ritual? Presso is a non-electrical coffee maker that is also fully repairable, love it!