In case we will be left with a boring wall, we would love to have a mural by the Barcelonian start-up The Wallery! Their unusual wallpaper is long-lasting (20 years), PVC-free and made from FSC-certified paper.  

Here’s a beautiful renovation of a classic Barcelona apartment from 1910 where the traditional elements have been respected by its designers Anna and Eugeni Bach. For more information visit diarioDESIGN.

If you think about it, the Catalan Porrón is a very eco-friendly way to drink wine at big events- avoiding the need to wash glasses, or even plastic cups! It is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

For those of you who have never seen a porrón, imagine a glass watering can for wine. Or a bedpan with white wine, according to George Orwell ;)

Another locally produced eco-friendly design we can imagine in our future hotel lobby… Trepitjada by Martin Azua. Made from esparto in Murcia.

Cool 100% recycled glass products, locally produced in Valencia by La Mediterránea. They could be put to good use in our hotel!

More fun, locally produced sustainable furniture from Spain we’d like to see in our hotel. These seats are by Guillem Ferran, made in Valencia.

Good furniture from Spain is what we want at the hotel… here’s a chair: Fontal by Oscar Tusquets Blancs!