Here a few more photos from our Instagram feed. From top to bottom we have Fem Ferro building a long-lasting, fully recyclable cabinet for our terrace, Tudor figuring out how to install the w+w, Vitali the electrician, and Maño the carpenter.

We just discovered Works that Work, a magazine in english and spanish “for the curious mind, intending to surprise its readers with a rich mix of diverse subjects connected by the theme of unexpected creativity that improved our lives.” Finally in-depth design stories and not just pretty pictures!

Another classic apartment in the Eixample neighbourhood, recently renovated by Gustau Gili Galfetti. More information and photos via diarioDESIGN

We love the way Nook architects have renovated this old apartment in the barrio Gótico, respecting the old tiles and the textures of the walls for the new layout. More about the project on Dezeen and DiarioDesign (in spanish). If you like this style, also check out this apartment.

A great way to travel for creative minds! Swap your home with another designer or visual artist via Behomm. By invite only.

Books we are enjoying at the moment! 

We like good design made in Spain! And this one comes with a message! #PaísdePandereta is a spanish branded project by Aa studio that is looking for crowd funding via Verkami at the moment. We want one!

Not every souvenir needs to be kitsch or trash. Designer Héctor Serrano together with young designers from Valencia proof this in VLC Souvenir

Above: Local Stamps by Noelia Muñoz. “Xè, valencianízate!”

See all the products of VLC Souvenir via DiarioDesign.

Patricia is testing our wallpaper idea of using the pages of architect Antonio Rovira i Rabassa's publications from 1899-1900. He's the guy who designed the building we are in, in 1869!

Note: We since found out that, due to a fire in the Barcelona register, this information is incorrect, and Rovira i Rabassa designed in fact, the building in front of ours! We still like his drawings though, and decided to use them anyway.

The Marquina family has just launched this Tribute to Rafael Marquina (1921-2013), the Catalan designer and architect responsible for the award-winning anti-drip oil recipient. Get inspired!

Very nice simple multifunctional object, perfect for short-stay rooms.


MAK by Robin Keussen

(via 1003-okmryas)

Impressive hotels… but don’t they all kind of look the same?


Best Urban Hotels 2013: The shortlist

Hôtel de nell, Paris, France

We think these #FuckCars socks by MBP are perfect to cycle around Barcelona! Get them at My Beautiful Parking.