20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain, according to Huffington post. We like it! ;)

We like good design made in Spain! And this one comes with a message! #PaísdePandereta is a spanish branded project by Aa studio that is looking for crowd funding via Verkami at the moment. We want one!

Interesting infographic by GowithOh (click for the full image), who collected the habits of Spanish and other European nationalities when booking apartments through them. More information about how the European traveler stays in apartment rentals via Hosteltur

These are the kind of things we want you to be able to find at yök; made in Spain and with a history. The muñecos de futbolín are original table football figurines, upcycled into fridge magnets. Alegría Industries works with the Spanish industry to proof that “España mola muchísimo”, and we agree! 

PS: Other football clubs are also available ;)

Check out Alemanys 5, a beautiful sixteenth century building in the center of Girona’s medieval quarter that has recently been converted into a very attractive rental option by architect Anna Noguera.

Its recent restoration integrates old and new, with sober, clean lines that celebrate essential elements such as space, light, shade, fire, stone, water and silence.

We like the way the old features have been brought to the forefront by clever details, making this a truly luxurious place to stay without it showing of. 

Beautiful video of classic woodwork from Valencia, Spain. Let’s keep the talent and traditions alive!

More videos about Spanish woodmasters here.

When we choose to work on a desk made of wood, we know that it has ‘memory’. In a fast-changing world, we look for things that afford stability. An environment of hand-worked wood is capable of transmitting feelings; amongst them the sensation of the passing of time, heritage, permanence, stability and companionship.

On this occasion, Muebles Picó is presenting an example of classic carpentry from Valencia, the principal birthplace of industrial furniture in Spain. In its private museum we discover some identifiable traits of the company’s DNA, such as colorful marquetry work. In answer to what defines them, Muebles Picó has stated their work lies in the hands of master craftsmen; those who carry out the cutting, the marquetry and finishing of their pieces.

Nido is a set of occasional tables (like when you want to have your suitcase displayed openly in the hotel room) made in Valencia from solid oak. A design from the 60s, still valid today.

Nice Murphy Beds from Spain by Sellex, who seem to have a solid environmental policy. Perfect for hotel beds that are not constantly in use.

Airbnb has reached one million nights booked in Spain in the last twelve months, Airbnb’s Kay Kuehne, announced yesterday. This represents an increase of 900% since September last year.

reports Ouishare. Maybe guests should stay in apartments rather than rooms, especially if they want to live like a local

When nephew (designer) and uncle (sunblind craftsman) get together, beautiful eco-friendly and local products appear! Check out El Nebot del Persianer for the kind of products we want to have in our hotel.

Another locally produced eco-friendly design we can imagine in our future hotel lobby… Trepitjada by Martin Azua. Made from esparto in Murcia.

Cool 100% recycled glass products, locally produced in Valencia by La Mediterránea. They could be put to good use in our hotel!

Here is what current Spanish design can look like: Jaleo restaurant by Juli Capella.