We like to connect with our guests, locals, the city, modern culture, tradition and nature. And we like to connect people. The more the better. 

The real deal; we will serve catalan breakfast & catalan food.

Barcelona! yök could not be anywhere else!! 

We use non-toxic materials & products! Green cleaning, voc-free paint, PVC free, …

We offer privacy as well as social connections and the true local culture! 

We love & use good design! Locally made, eco-friendly, durable, functional, nice looking and fun.

Enjoy some lush original 1900 carpentry! Fully restored and insulating to save energy and block street noise.

We will co-create experiences by involving the local like-minded businesses and comunity! Fem barri!! #eixample #elborn #santpere #laribera (at Yök Casa + Cultura)

The Barcelona City Council has just confirmed our licenses for tourist apartments, yay!

Get ideas from yök for saving resources at home! Less water, energy and stuff = more savings. 

We invite guests to bring and share their culture because everyone is a local somewhere. In exchange, we make Barcelona’s culture more accessible to everyone who cares!

Feel rested after a night in our luxurious beds made from all natural materials locally in Catalonia! All beds are by AstralNature.

You + 15 friends or family members can stay in our 3 casas! The more the merrier ;) 

In yök you can experience the real Barcelona, not that of tourist guides! We are all about sustainable, not mass tourism! 

Come live under gorgeous high ceilings from 1900, catalan modernism style!!